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Doctor Clu

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Area Code: 972
City, State: Dallas, Tx
Country: USA
Gender: Male
Age: 51
Member of: 20 BBSs
Last Login: 4/6/2012 2:32:53 AM (CDT)

I have been on the computer bulletin boards since 1982 and I believe the first BBS called was the Dal-ACE BBS. My all time favorite BBSs were the Unknown BBS (where many great stories were written and my BBS of the 80's), JYBOLAC and Psyclos Empire (Atari Boards with great files, games, users, and stories. also of the 80's), Chrysalis (my first E-mail account, multi-line BBS, my BBS of the 90's) and currently the Prison Board BBS (my BBS of the 00's and now with good users, games, and telnet outs to many more BBSs).

What got me interested was the movie "Wargames" and all the talk of the BBSs soon after that. I logged on for the games, and stayed for the message areas. I believe two things:

1) local message areas are crucial.
2) BBSs are far from dead.

My BBS list contains a list of active BBSs, but I want to take a moment to thank the following BBSs of my past (listed after my signature)

. . Doc Clu (of...)
/(- _O) 972-329-0781
( \____ ) telnet://

ABBS Teledunjon III
Apple Barrel
Closer to Home BBS (first Atari Telnet.. missed)
Collin County Station
Dal-ACE BBS (my first BBS I called)
Dal-Ace ST BBS
End Of The Rainbow
Electric Lights
F I A W O L (Fandom is a way of life.)
Hall of Justice (cool Atari BBS)
KloneZone Mac (I think the last BBs of Ft.Worth)
Marsden BBS
NCC-1701 (Atari BBS, many game hours here)
NCC-1701 Node 2
Night Lights BBS (Good Ft.Worth BBS)
Outhouse BBS
Shadow Magic BBS
Sherwood Forest
Spatula City
Starship Intrepid (Last C=64 BBS of Dallas)
Teledunjon IV
Twilight Zone #1
Unknown BBS
UT Dallas Undergraduate
Wylie Connection
Wildfire's Forest

Member of the following BBSs:

 • FamilyNet Dallas
 • Mars Den BBS
 • Prison Board BBS
 • The Mezzanine BBS
 • Eclectic BBS
 • DarkForce!
 • Boot Factory
 • Underground Node
 • Thunderdome
 • Electric Cafe
 • Grove BBS
 • Third Rock From The Sun BBS
 • Never Never Land
 • Empire of the Dragon
 • Seattle Community Network
 • Borderline BBS
 • 8-Bit Guild BBS
 • Heatwave BBS
 • Hidden Reef

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