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Lose contact with your old BBS buddies during the internet revolution? 

On this website, you can:
• Search a list of 75,000 BBSs that existed from the 80's to present!
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• Add yourself as a member to BBSs that you called.
• Find members that you used to chat and game with!

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OneLiners History 
Yavata:Youtube will be jerks to clowns forever at the future. No jerks to clowns. Erin
Jazz:Hog @ Cyberspace... I never got a chance to tell you what was wrong...
Jazz:You did nothing wrong... it is my biggest regret that you were hurt,
Jazz:unintentionally, and I wasn't able to tell you what happened... I'm sorry...
Jazz:but... 15-20 min earlier, I just got off the phone, with mom... telling me dad
Jazz:was about to die... and I felt relieved... and I just shut down emotionally,
Jazz:not understanding why I felt that way... you weren't someone I wanted to push
Jazz:away... but one I wanted to keep closer, longer... you did nothing wrong...
Jazz:It haunts me... I think about it often... I will never be able to find you to
Jazz:tell you... and it is my biggest regret in my life... it tears me up.
Jazz:I'm so sorry...
whiskers:hello peeps
Black Phant:Meh...
warf the hu:Future Beware: The Soul is in the Software
Black Beard:Telnet - Amiga Elite running Amiexpress
Retr0Capez:Hey guise
Butt-Head:Beavis&Butt-:ead BBS relaunched! 778-379-7158
Doctor Clu:Is there a telnet to that as well?
Butt-Head:Yes there is!
Belial:Stoke me a clipper!
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