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DOC:Fidonet Since 1991 and Still Going in 2017 -:BBS.DOCSPLACE.ORG
Road Warrio:Greetings to the old school crowd,...Matt Mc...
Yavata:I'm just a casual sex 1950s housewife? No no no I'm a clown believability beast.
Yavata:Bbsmates don't have proofs they're 1950s housewives varieties, and manstealers va
Yavata:rities. Bbsmates are desperate.
Yavata:I'm a clown 1950s housewife. Bbsmates are desperate.
Gridlock/Su:I am back baby!
Yavata:Gridlock, If you like that, then you will love Vegan Zombie's Tofu Lynn youtube v
Yavata:ideo's talking about Lynn doesn't like tofu forever now after I bitched, and comp
Yavata:lained about Lynn being a romance destroyer manstealer variety forever now to you
Yavata:tube. John said if Lynn is lieing forever now about being a vet assistant vegan 1
Yavata:950s housewife manstealer forever now, then she's lieing she's a 1950s housewife,
Yavata:a manstealer forever now. Lynn is proven to lie she's the best woman in the world
Yavata:manstealer forever now. Erin
Yavata:Gridlock, I bitched, and complained about bbsmates manstealer's Nightshade's Matt
Yavata:'s sister Lynn, Dena, and Grey Sterling are romance destroyers varieties of bbsma
Yavata:tes men, and I forever now to normal computer men at youtube, myspace, and vampir
Yavata:efreaks. I lioned it forever now. Normal computer men think they're multiliars wh
Yavata:om lied I cheated on bbsmates men resulted as them, and I will never date. Normal
Yavata:computer men don't want to date them forever now. That's a dating end. Erin
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