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OneLiners History 
Yavata:omance after a romance forever now. You know what that's interesting how you don'
Yavata:t want to see a romance after a romance. Erin
Redbeard:You see a mailbox.
Yavata:Ryan, I forgot where you live forever now. I tried to talk to you at your frozen
Yavata:foods at Grand Terrace's Stater Brothers forever now. I waited forever now for yo
Yavata:u to talk to me. You never talked to me. You don't want to date me forever now.
Yavata:I let you go. That was when I was an art dater. My 1950s housewife dress is
Yavata:a forever dater. You, Val strike me temporary daters. You, Val, and I will never
Yavata:date at the future. I wanted to date Val for one year earlier when I was an art d
Yavata:ater. Erin
Yavata:Ryan, I wanted to date you for one year earlier after Val. Erin
Coolbean:We are all naked under out clothes! 8 )
Lord Blackf:telnet://
Crazy Coota:Crazy Coota's BBS wasgreat while it lasted.
Yavata:I heard bbses closed down, because they didn't like Matt, and I spending time tog
Yavata:ether forever now at a truck when we're teenagers. People tried to tear Matt, and
Yavata:I apart forever now. Bruce Lee's son Brandon Lee, and I got married. We're marrie
Yavata:d forever now. My husband, and I like being married to each other forever now. I
Yavata:think bbsmates are heavily cohesive fabric face supermodels for trying to tear
Yavata:Matt, and I apart forever now.
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