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Lose contact with your old BBS buddies during the internet revolution? 

On this website, you can:
• Search a list of 75,000 BBSs that existed from the 80's to present!
• If you were a sysop, look for your old BBS or add it if it's not already in the database.
• Add yourself as a member to BBSs that you called.
• Find members that you used to chat and game with!

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OneLiners History 
Mindless Au:What?
Mercyful Fa:woot
Patch / Sco:MODs & S3M's for life!
Sir Lancelo:Anyone here from the Apple Mafia?
hckinabox:I'm in your base killin your dudes
Jay Farris:feel ing like I'm a teenage geek back in the early 1990s again...
Somewillrem:PlanetX outcast
NicePoetryG:I just joined .. I was the SysOp of Way Out Wild in Connecticut. This is SO cool!
Marauder:What up all my Atlanta BBSers!
Black Beard:++ ATH0
Captain Lem:Modem Stud, the 1st Work of Fiction About the Era - see
zakchan:who needs an interpreter in 2014 Canton Fair in China?
zakchan:who needs an interpreter in 2014 Canton Fair in China?
Captain Kir:Anyone have a Lantronix UDS-1100 they're selling? Contact me on Twitter: @Kirkman
DOC:Fidonet Since 1991 Doc's Place BBS Online - BBS.DOCSNETSERVICES.COM
Jay Farris:People of the Dark back after 15 year abense
Jay Farris:opps. People of the Dark telnet:
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