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Que, Quartz, Phi Beta - Joined 12/17/2002
The Home BBS for wonderful games such as Swords of Chaos and Lords of Cyberspace. Mark was the author of all of them. Running on a MBBS platform after converting from Unix.
Songbird, Birdie, Persephone, - Joined 2/2/2003
I would love to hear from some of my old muinet friends! Post on the board, or telnet to
the spam god - Joined 8/12/2003
This BBS was a good logical progression towards multi-user environments. I feel fortunate to have gotten involved in a multi-user UNIX bbs such as this before it matured into MajorBBS and its permutations. Angmar, turning into Swords of Chaos, is perhaps still one of the best muds ever made. I wish for its equal in modern society. Lords of Cyberspace is also sorely missed. I wish to play that game again very much. But, above all... Mark, I want to play Galactic Conquest again! I *miss* that game!
Lestat/Doomgiver - Joined 8/14/2003
I started playing SoC before it was SoC. I found The Realm of Angmar, at the Muinet BBS, by accident around 1990/91. I immediately fell in love with the game. My original character was named Doomgiver the Psychotic, I later became known as Lestat the Vampire. I remember old school training in the Spa, Mark's scavenger hunts and Christmas presents, and became one of only two Master Class to ever exist. The game changed slightly over the years, becoming Swords of Chaos, but still keeping the Elfhelm, the idea, and the basic engine intact. I met many friends, and have so many amazing memories - Mark, remember going to Spike's to play Trivia every week? :) I also designed two areas in the game: the Ebon Pyramid and the crashed spaceship on the island east of Poseidon's island, and the name of my original character, Doomgiver, can be found in several locations throughout the game.
Prof - Joined 10/16/2003
Father of Songbird. Where can I play SOC today?? Still living in Rockford.
Tear Drop - Joined 11/18/2003
Hi! I was on this BBS for a while, I was quite young back then, but if anyone remembers me.. email away!
Elfstone - Joined 11/24/2003
Wow, amazing what one finds when googling for "MUINET". How y'all doin'??
Invisible Warrior - Joined 1/20/2004
Mr.Minnesoata - Joined 1/20/2004
Slyfox - Joined 2/19/2004
Realm of Angmar was one of _the_ best on-line RPGs I've played, and I have many fond memories of this game: the ice mountains, the copper dragons, guilds. Those were the days.
egghead spllcstr - Joined 2/1/2005
Angmar! or was it Angbar... I was on back in the unix(xenix) days! I went to a user meeting once at a bowling alley. I may have had a handle not listed here that i forgot. It was a great game, Mark! I suggested you add quests, and I kept exploiting bugs everywhere, writing scripts to make the most out of t hem.. remember me? Anyway, thanks Mark! Boy do I miss the interactive nature of dial-up/"telnet" based systems.
Gooseman - Joined 7/9/2005
Aes Sedai, Sultani, Goldfinger - Joined 8/11/2005
Erevan - Joined 8/22/2005
Hey all, some may remember me, some may not. I was somewhat of a permanent fixture though. ;) Currently restarted playing SoC after 10 years on Seabreeze BBS, come join the fun!
ShadowBlade - Joined 3/18/2008

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