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Zero C**L, Skirmish,Naruto,Kazuma,Dazed,Confused
Area Code: 509
City, State: Spokane, Wa
Country: United States
Zip Code: 99207
Gender: Male
Age: 39
Member of: 13 BBSs
Last Login: 12/24/2016 12:00:00 AM 04:40:43.0457548 (CDT)

Known as Zero C**L on Prowler's Domain my first BBS. Got addicted to Majormud and the whole BBS scene. Hung out on the IRC just as much. After I moved into Spokane telnet BBS's started to become more common. Started playing Mud at Cyberwar BBS (Mirage) with 2 chars unlimited PVP. Known as Apoch/Eternity on there. Went from noob to pro in pvp really quick. Had lots of fun. My brother's are Beaner/Kane and Playboy/Player. Me being the oldest and Beaner the youngest. Beaner is a pvp god feared by many. Looking to meet People from 509 area and recollect bbs memory's, especially MajorMud ones. Question Mark HIT ME UP!

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 • Prowler's DOMAIN
 • Realm of Mirage BBS
 • The Smokers Corner
 • Planet X
 • Eager Beaver
 • Genesis
 • Planet Praxis
 • Oasis Online
 • The Razor's Edge
 • Tri Lynx
 • The Boink Board
 • The Castle Online
 • The LightHouse BBS

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