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Nadir - Joined 9/22/2002
Tigger - Joined 11/3/2002
Pleasure Prince - Joined 2/19/2003
Rooster - Joined 8/18/2003
Looking for others back in the day :P
Classycat - Joined 11/17/2003
Looking for old friends from back in the day. Drop me a line sometime.
Cleo - Joined 11/21/2003
SYSOP - Joined 1/4/2004
Doc Phoenix - Joined 1/24/2004
Heyaz all, miss the board, wish it was still here... hope someone still remembers me!
Li Ping/Void - Joined 1/31/2004
Just seeing if anyone is still out there and remembers this place.. :)
lrdknghth - Joined 3/6/2004
used to be on here as the texas desperado, or "Desperado"
Silk - Joined 4/15/2004
Loved Cupids, I miss the old gang, would like to hear from some of them.
Elven Maiden - Joined 5/12/2004
Just looking for old Cupidites who still believe that all a romantic night needs is you... me, and a can of spam!
BoneDaddy - Joined 6/9/2004
Wondering if any of you past members are still around?
Hamlet - Joined 6/14/2004
Cleptoe - Joined 8/29/2004
marius - Joined 9/24/2004
looking for old friends
Dark Lord - Joined 11/15/2004
Ricky, Sandman, Schleprock - Joined 5/27/2005
Anyone remember me or Alex?
Snow Kitty, Crusher - Joined 6/24/2005
This is acctually Snow Kitty's Daughter, Rose, looking for friends of my moms and such... I know we both miss TA :)
Fax - Joined 8/5/2005
Ran across this site, and couldn't resist seeing who might be out there somewhere.
elven maiden - Joined 12/11/2005
Sackett - Joined 2/10/2006
Nytmare, Temujin(In Major Mudd), Entwise
Myrddin Emrys - Joined 2/12/2006
One of my many accounts, also Adelscott, Disgruntled Postal Worker, and so on. Hope to catch up with some old friends.
Dakoda King - Joined 3/29/2007
Akula & Brutus - Joined 8/2/2007
Wife and I were on Cupids in late 90's. My name was Brutus and Akula, hers was Bumblybee. Some names that ring a bell were Kallen, Sweet Red, Tazz, Tazz SheDevil, SouthernBelle, Thetmes, Baldy, Billy, Red Sonja, HoneyBee, and Red, to name just a few. We used to goto "Pockets" on Virginia Beach Blvd on Wednesday and Saturday Nights. Sat in the corner by the door :)
Lady Cyn - Joined 11/14/2007
Howdy yall!
Mav - Joined 12/2/2007
Reefer - Joined 12/11/2007
Talon - Joined 12/29/2007
macguyver - Joined 9/24/2008
lots of fun, lots of drinking. oh and cant forget BBBBBOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM
maomao - Joined 12/15/2008
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Sackett - Joined 1/15/2009
Temujin JesusChristSuperstar
whirlwind - Joined 5/3/2009
Use to be on this and went to Pockets a few times, miss talking to the old gang on Cupid's... anyone seen Grayfox?
Bearbell - Joined 8/29/2009
Hi All was on the bbs and before I found mud used to chat alot. Mud names were Dedra,Aeriana,Danae,and Anteia. Have wondered about alot of folks but was trying to find Fax and Rowen. Has anyone any idea?
M'Lady Jenny - Joined 4/17/2010
Jaeda - Joined 4/17/2010
So where's Coleman, Tristan, BrandiBitch, Juliana, and others? Somebody find them!
Freki - Joined 11/29/2011
good lord... couldn't remember my user name here... lol
Morpheus - Joined 10/3/2013
I went by Morpheus on Cupid's from 1994 through 1998ish. I tried to sing karaoke at Pockets and remember a lot of drunken evening. I know I hadn't been the best person to several people and being young and stupid in the mid-90s is still no excuse. However, feel free to contact me if you wish to talk about old times.
Bebop - Joined 8/24/2016
I stumbled on this page by accident. I was a familiar face on Cupid's many years ago and am one of the few who actually met their spouse there, 19 years & three kids ago (the token success story).

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