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 • Gibbitt
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Posted: 7/16/2003 8:26:50 AM
Twitcit, Dragcit, Acit, Mavecit, Fredcit....

Anybody know what the heck I'm talking bout?

I met SEVERAL of my still good friends over the 'Cits. And .. indirectly.. my husband. It's because of BBS's that I started dating "geeks", and I'm glad that I did.. because frankly, I was bout ready to give up. So here's a nod to Realm of the Jinx (run by NightJinx), the Mavenry (run by the Maven), the Grand Illusion (run by err head and Richard Goldfinder), Amber (run by Livia), the Metal Shop (run by Metal Maniac), Mocha BBS (run by Jeff), Astral Plane (I don't remember who ran it), Milliways (run by Twoflower), Slumberland (run by Little Nemo),and some of the newer ones.... Tripwire to the Past (run by Alpo), Iguana Circus Ride (I can't remember either Jacob or Paul's psyuedonyms), Isles of Ether (run by Genetic Breakdown
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