nullvalue: Hello, and welcome to! enjoy your stay!7/17/2002
nullvalue: Voting booth coming soon!7/17/2002
nullvalue: Forum for each BBS coming soon!7/17/2002
Dragon: The only way to win, is to not play the game.7/17/2002
Rabbit: Keep looking up 'cause that is where the Dragon is.7/17/2002
spartan: HELLO7/18/2002
Time Warrio: OK lets see if this works7/19/2002
Time Warrio: did :-)7/19/2002
The Slipped: Hurrah.7/19/2002
tiger: anyone know of a telnet Amiga bbs with a hacker game?7/20/2002
The Phantom: The Outer Limits7/21/2002
Johann Wahn: TW: Hi :)7/21/2002
Time Warrio: I know of a Cnet board but dunno if it has that game7/21/2002
EPoCoLYPS: damn this brings back memories7/21/2002
Hanger 18: It can be easily ascertained that the Toenail owns u7/22/2002
Benjy mouse: What a cool website!7/23/2002