Legend of the Red Dragon

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This was always one of my favorite games, and I'm sure a lot of you had to love it, too!

Telnet into our game at telnet://

Please use the same Alias and Password that you are using on

If you are having weird problems, (like hitting enter adds a period) try using a different telnet client. If you are using the Win2k/XP console telnet client, try pressing CTRL-]. At the prompt, type "unset crlf". Then hit enter to return to the game. This should fix that weird period problem that some people may be having.

I suggest using the mTelnet client if you are having problems.

If you have any questions about the game or would like
to chat about it, please visit the new LORD Forum.



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  Special thanks to Rick Parrish for the GameSrv software.
  (BBS software designed specifically to host door games)

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